Reseting wordpress admin password with adminer. So today i have been given a task to manage a wordpress-based website. unfortunately, the admin username and password is unkown. I have ftp access to the hosting server, and by reading the confing file, i know how to access the database (IP address, username, password). this article will be talking about reseting wordpress admin password with adminer.

Why use adminer? because adminer is lightweight application. only one file, with less than 1MB size. compared to phpmyadmin, its a massive difference.

So here are the steps to reset the admin password

  • Upload adminer to website root directory, open the adminer, and login
  • After login to database you will see tables inside the database. select table wp_users by click it.
  • Open the wp_users table, and you will see created accounts there. and click on the account that you want to reset
  • On the account, select the password hash algorithm MD5, and type your new password in plain text. after clicking save button, the password will be hashed with MD5 algorithm.
  • ok your account is already reset, and now you can login to your website.

OK thats all, thank you for reading 🙂

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