If you are an active blogger or a staff that often updates contents of a website, most likely you will put image on your post. and if your platform is based on wordpress you will see that there is an option of how the image is link. This article will discuss a small tips to configure default link type on wordpress which could save your time by setup default selection of that option.

By default when you pu an image, the link option will appear like picture below

  • Media file: this means when people click the image, they will go to image URL directly
  • Attachment: this means when people click the image, they will go to an attachment page that display the image. when the attchment page is open, people could browse other images as well (which may not good for security)
  • Custom URL: this means the image is taken from a URL (could be external)
  • none: means no link at all

So what is the problem?
well, the thing is WordPress already made a default selection of option above which different from what we want. Yes, we can change it, but doing it again and again every time we put an image is not a good practice because it takes time, and prone to human error.

Ok, any solution?
Yes, why dont we just change the default selection to the option we want.

How to do that?
Its very easy:

  • Just go to http://yourwordpressurl/wp-admin/options.php. This page controls all option for your wordpress website.
  • Go to an option named image_default_link_type, and enter the value. see picture below:

    Some values you can type: none, file, attachment, post
  • Save the configuration

If you are more interested on wordpress, please check our wordpress essential course 🙂

Thats all, thank you for reading.

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